The Lightbulb Sessions provide insights from some of Australia’s leading CEOs, business leaders and innovators.

The Lightbulb Sessions is a series of stories about the business of doing business, and the experiences that shape the leaders behind the big decisions

These videos showcase a generation of leaders who offer both best-practice advice, and cautionary tales.

At the core of Enlighten’s mission is the desire to help create high performing businesses and provide leaders and organisations with the tools to have the “ah-ha” moments, through greater visibility of operations.

We hope that by bringing together a collection of the tales from thought leaders across Australia that we continue to deliver an opportunity for there to be dialogue and lessons about the elements that make businesses successful.

Mark shares his insights and experience that helped him realise leadership in business is a marathon, not a sprint.

Holly discusses the key strategies for achieving OpEx in today’s challenging business environment.

Minos talks about his experiences with Enlighten’s unique and proven OpEx methodology.

Matt shares his experience of heightened performance and transparency within his team after a successful OpEx program implementation.

Robert discussed his strong belief that operational success is contingent on a strong work culture.

Peter discusses why an organisation’s culture is influenced by successful leadership across the entire business.

Sarah shares how Enlighten’s methods of operational excellence has been shaped by a number of crucial factors.

Reshma shares experiences from the 7-year journey THF and Enlighten have had together, which has produced some outstanding results.

Brad reveals the experiences, insights and lessons that made him the forward-thinking leader he is today.

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