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AHA Moments

Josh Graham: Teamwork makes leadership a more meaningful pursuit
The emerging leader series

Josh Graham: Teamwork makes leadership a more meaningful pursuit

Josh Graham is Change Program Director at Enlighten and as one of our emerging leaders he believes that the end results are always better when a team works as one towards a shared goal.
The emerging leader series

Kaushik Ray: Helping organisations see opportunity in change to drive positive outcomes

As a Change Manager at Enlighten, Kaushik witnesses the importance of effective communication firsthand and knows that the key to overcoming any challenge is looking for the opportunity in each.
The emerging leader series

Daniel Barrell: The Role of Leadership in Embracing Change

As a Product Manager, Daniel is responsible for ensuring that the strategic vision for the product remains front-and-centre as Enlighten continues to grow and serve its customers.
The emerging leader series

Deepak Ranganathan: Achieving operational excellence using data as the single source of truth

Deepak is a Change Manager at Enlighten, guiding clients towards operational excellence through a process-centric approach. With 12 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and operations, he aims for consistency in delivering Enlighten’s products and services.
The emerging leader series

Svet Johnson: Leveraging collaboration effectively as a change agent

As a Change Manager, Svet is responsible for enacting real change for our clients. Her focus lies in digital and cultural change initiatives, supporting businesses in their quest for operational excellence.
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