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nathan graham operational excellence
The emerging leader series

Nathan Graham: The future of the industry

As Executive Manager – Client Support, Nathan’s role in our Partnering team is to pick up the relationship with clients once they leave the project phase. Operational excellence and continuous improvement are living, breathing facets of the organisation – and cannot be handled with a ‘set, forget and go’ approach.
About Us - Sarah Coughlin & Operational Excellence
5 in 5 exclusive interviews

5-in-5 with Sarah Coughlin – Championing operational excellence

We are in conversation with Sarah Coughlin, Head of Enlighten Institute of Management, to explore what she’s observed working with our clients through the crisis and how Enlighten will support in building operational resilience through the elastic workforce.
What does the Future Hold for Elastic Workforce? | Enlighten 5-in-5 with Andrew Johansen, COO of Enlighten
5 in 5 exclusive interviews

5-in-5 with Andrew Johansen – The future elastic workforce

In the third instalment, we are in conversation with Andrew Johansen, Co-Founder and COO of Enlighten, to understand what the new elastic workforce model looks like and how it will play a pivotal role in helping organisations build operational resilience. Read on to get his insights.
How to Championing Operational Resilience | Enlighten 5-in-5 with Brent Churchill, CEO of Enlighten
5 in 5 exclusive interviews

5-in-5 with Brent Churchill – Championing operational resilience

We are in conversation with Brent Churchill, Co-Founder and CEO of Enlighten, to explore the new reality and the role of operational resilience in managing the elastic workforce. Read on to get his insights.
How to Pivot Business through A Crisis | Enlighten 5-in-5 with Craig Rice from Mercer
5 in 5 exclusive interviews

5-in-5 with Craig Rice – How to pivot business in a crisis

We are in conversation with Craig Rice, Head of Mercer Administration Services in Wollongong, to explore how Mercer embraced an elastic workforce model quickly during the crisis. Building on existing philosophies to drive results and engagement, Mercer focused on the new normal while investing in ongoing flexibility to consider new possibilities in the workforce of the future.
Crisis leadership. Learn more on Enlighten.