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How Leaders could Solve Business Challenges | Enlighten 5-in-5 with Helen Mackay
5 in 5 exclusive interviews

5 minutes with Helen Mackay – The beginning of a new era

We speak with Helen, Head of Sales & Marketing at Enlighten, who has held a vast number of virtual coffee chats with global leaders about their outlook for the future. Helen was keen to understand how leaders, who often check in on others and rarely get checked in on themselves, coped with the business challenges. The conversations revolved around their greatest challenges and their outlook for “the new beginning” post-crisis.
The Importance of Building Company Roadmap | Enlighten 5 Minutes with Jeremy Birt
5 in 5 exclusive interviews

5 minutes with Jeremy Birt – A roadmap to a healthier future

We speak to Jeremy Birt, CEO at CX Ops Design, a strategic partner at Enlighten that works help us unlock and manage the business potential of our clients. CX Ops Design uses a unique operational approach and market leading technology to drive improvements with tailored customer experiences.
nathan graham operational excellence
5 in 5 exclusive interviews

5 minutes with Nathan Graham – driving for results in a time of crisis

We speak to Nathan Graham, the Executive Manager for Client Support at Enlighten who works in the Partnering Team to ensure our clients maximise their benefits from utilising our Operational Excellence software and following the Single Source of Truth methodology.
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