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Visibility empowers people, customers and businesses. As a global operational excellence firm, we partner with leading businesses to provide greater visibility of the true potential in people, processes and performance. We provide enterprises with the ‘aha’ moments that deliver impact and drive positive change. We do this through our unique approach that combines behavioural change consulting, technology and management methodologies.

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Brent Churchill
Brent Churchill
CEO & Co-Founder

Brent has over 25 years’ experience transforming operations across multiple sectors and locations around the world. His vision is to empower businesses and their people to deliver outstanding outcomes across all KPIs. Brent is responsible for the Asia Pacific and South African markets.

Previously, Brent worked for multiple advisory firms, including his own, identifying and delivering unique solutions through management systems and process change designed to enhance the customer and staff experience and deliver sustainable bottom line results.

Andrew Johansen
Andrew Johansen
Chief Operating Officer

Andrew is a leading business executive with almost 20 years’ experience in business consulting, productivity improvement and change management.

In the role of Director and Co-Founder at Enlighten, Andrew specialises in performance improvement, re-engineering and identifying and executing upon value-add opportunities.

Spanning a diverse range of initiatives and industries, Andrew’s differentiated leadership and commitment to creating sustainable improvement are ahead of the game.

He has played a major role in designing the Enlighten software suite and delivery methodology, as well as in various global management roles across financial services and beyond.

Sarah Coughlin
Sarah Coughlin
Head of Enlighten Institute of Management

Sarah is a cutting-edge business executive with over 18 years’ experience in performance coaching and change management. Her career spans financial services, education, telecommunications and retail.

As Head of Enlighten Institute of Management, Sarah oversees a training framework to support and develop the learnings of all levels of management in the space of operational excellence as well as general leadership.

Sarah specialises in delivering change programs that result in sustainable performance improvements and behavioural change for the organisation.

During her time with Enlighten Operational Excellence, Sarah has worked with Suncorp, Teachers Health, Allianz, University of Western Sydney, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Australian Administration Services (AAS) to name a few.

Dr Ian Boyd
Dr Ian Boyd
Chief Information Officer

Ian is a respected business leader and software expert with over 30 years’ experience in the information and communication technology sector.

Having worked in a variety of project management, software development and senior consultancy roles, Ian brings extensive industry experience to the role of Chief Information Officer at Enlighten.

Ian specialises in the architecture, design and implementation of innovative software products and services. Across every project, he applies strategic thinking to drive operational excellence and sustainable results.

Throughout his career, Ian has created cutting-edge computer applications for a diverse range of projects, including document search, television, financial services and records management.

Steven Corry
Steven Corry
Chief Technology Officer
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Executive Manager

Jeff is a high-level executive with 30 years’ experience in insurance, superannuation and banking. He has held a variety of consulting and senior operational management roles.

As Executive Manager at Enlighten, Jeff consults with a wide range of clients on operational excellence projects, including process and productivity improvement, and resolving performance issues.

Throughout his career, Jeff has led large teams on multiple programs across Australia & New Zealand, South East Asia, North America, Canada and Europe.

Jeff specialises in resolving performance and embedding sustainable change through the transfer of knowledge and forecasting tools.

Scott Coughlin
Scott Coughlin
Executive Manager

Scott is a high-level senior consultant with over 15 years’ experience in operational performance and business transformation for a diverse range of multinational corporations.

Scott brings high-level project management skills and strong business foresight skills to the role of Executive Manager at Enlighten.

In his role at Enlighten, Scott has been integral in designing and implementing tools for process improvement, innovation, management reporting, forecasting, resource planning and analysis, including activity-based unit costing models.

Scott specialises in a practical, hands-on approach to training, coaching and people management, as well as delivering substantial performance improvements.

Nick Mihalakis
Nick Mihalakis
Executive Manager

Nick is a leading business consultant with 20 years’ experience as an operational and change manager within blue-chip businesses across Australia, Asia and the UK.

In the role of Executive Manager at Enlighten, Nick oversees and directs a team of professionals dedicated to delivering substantial bottom-line benefits.

With vision and innovative flair, Nick leads change and transformation programs from analysis through to delivery. He focuses particularly upon improving processes, performance, customer satisfaction and culture.

Throughout his career, Nick has overseen high-level operational projects from development to implementation across a diverse range of sectors, spanning utility, mining, insurance and finance/banking.

Mick Clowes
Mick Clowes
Executive Manager

Mick is a highly experienced professional manager with a proven track record in outcome-oriented transformation programs across Australia and globally.

As Executive Manager at Enlighten, Mick manages change initiatives to create a culture of high performance. He drives continuous improvement to align people, processes and systems with overarching business goals.

Mick has a deep understanding of the high-level strategies required to achieve operational excellence and principles of best practice. He has a proven track record in people management and guiding staff at all levels to positively navigate cultural change.

Mick’s core competencies include leadership, coaching, change management, business continuity and process improvement.

Helen Mackay
Helen Mackay
Head of Sales & Marketing
Faye FitzGibbon
Faye FitzGibbon
Senior Consultant


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Enlighten helped us to completely re-look at every activity that we did in a store and question why do we do it and why do we do it that way. Enlighten’s external point of view challenged us in terms of asking those questions
Holly Kramer
Non-Executive Director and former CEO of Best & Less

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