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Lightbulb Sessions

Brad Joyce, CEO, Teachers Health Fund

Brad Joy from Teachers Health Fund reveals the experiences, insights and lessons that made him the forward-thinking leader he is today.

Brad Joyce from Teachers Health Fund reveals the experiences, insights, and lessons in leadership


So I was born raised in Newcastle and I went to Newcastle boys high school which was a selective school based in Waratah in Newcastle and then I went to the University of Newcastle where I completed the Bachelor Commerce degree back in 1981.

As a leader, what has been your biggest “ah-ha” moment?

This probably 2 can think of. The first of those was in my early career, when I a manager that
I had as also a mentor very early on in my career. He taught me the importance of being careful and of trust and that’s a lesson I that really stayed with me forever throughout my career.

And then more recently, I think a defining moment for me was a realization that the the old command and control leadership styles needed to be consigned to history and certainly my leadership style today is completely different and those changes really reflect. I think the lessons learnt along the way.

As a CEO and leader, what do you feel is the most important aspect of business for leaders to focus on?

For me this there’s probably two areas the first would be around vision the strategy but believe me important is the issues of people and culture. So strategy and their vision that’s all about who we are what we stand for where we’re going and why are we doing what we do. And of course the people and culture elements is is how we get there so we’re people in our business in particular, there are our key resources so they bring the competence competencies to the business that we need to do the work that we do it’s their beliefs their values in their attitudes that really reinforce the way that we operate as an organisation.

I think like all very sort of young brush professionals I thought I was invincible I thought I could do it all myself. So I’d certainly encourage myself to delegate more and to put more trust in other people to do the work. I think the other key lesson that I tell myself would be to seek out a a mentor a coach, someone that that espouse the the leadership qualities that resonated with me at the time. And engage with them early and and sort of rely upon them for advice and to be a critical friend about the way I was operating.

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