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Lightbulb Sessions

Minos Paterakis, Senior Leader, SAI Global

Minos talks about his experiences with Enlighten’s unique and proven OpEx methodology.

Minos Paterakis on How Our Methodologies Help SAI Global


Well it’s a simple methodology that’s easy to understand that it transforms a business.

I know that we’ve gone from a 30% efficiency right through it or 80% efficiency and we’ve done that with the help of our people and we’ve taken them on a journey and it’s not necessarily working harder it’s working more effectively and removing lost time at about business.

What is relevant is that it applies to any division any operation and really any business to drive improved outcomes.

It gives you the ability to understand your business in a greater detail celebrate with your team but also redirect where you need to. I actually couldn’t picture running my operation without the toolkit.

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