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Outsourcing for sustainability in a changed future

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Outsourcing for sustainibility - Enlighten

Can BPOs fit into a changed future?

COVID-19 has redefined every aspect of the way we work. While it has created a somewhat uncertain future for global leaders, it has also uncovered new opportunities for more resilient solutions to emerge. A critical sector that has seen significant and rapid change due to COVID-19 is business process outsourcing (BPO). Traditionally, BPOs have been relied on to simply increase capacity. By offshoring operations, companies have been able to reduce costs by lifting and shifting processes and procedures, while lowering their own liabilities on wages and facilities. But despite the powerful business case for companies to lean on BPO partners, the practice is not without its challenges.

In this new guide, we explore key challenges for sustainable outsourcing and how leaders can drive positive transformation through times of crisis. Download now to learn more.

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