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An Enlighten Leaders' Guide


What are your 'AHA' moments of 2020

operational resilience

Achieve operational resilience in 2021 with people, technology and compliance

Operational resilience is a critical part of successfully managing business in a changed world faced with unrelenting disruption. Going forward, leaders will need to assess every part of their organisation with the view to adjust and tweak certain areas to ensure ongoing agility and adaptability. To help our customers and partners through this time of constant disruption and challenge, we’ve compiled a leaders’ guide with exclusive insights and practical tips from leading Australian executives.

Leading for a changed future – what are your ‘AHA’ moments in 2020 defines operational resilience as well as explores what the crisis has taught leading executives and examines how leaders can build a more suitable framework for the future. Featuring comments and critical ‘AHA’ moments from Mercer, Suncorp, Link Group and more, this guide is an opportunity for leaders to get ahead.

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