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Shaping the future of work in our brave new digital world

Shaping the future of work in digital world - Enlighten

Future of work – This is certainly a unique time in the history of business. Collectively, the business world is experiencing an unprecedented global event that limited human interaction while demanding that connection that keeps the world working. Organisations are rapidly adopting principles and policies on how we should shape the landscape of our future workplace.

As a strategic partner in operational excellence, with over two decades of experience in helping organisations monitor and control their service operations, Enlighten knows this is a moment for technology to drive new opportunities through the future of work.

The main benefit is in connecting workers and the operational expectations to effectively servicing customers amidst unusual circumstances. Our clients must continue to have consistency in how they run their operations.

 Supporting customers through unprecedented change

The future of work is what you do, not a place you go. At Enlighten, we want our clients — and any other organisation struggling with these challenges — to have the ability to keep working effectively without complexity or compromise.

As expressed by our clients, the challenges businesses are facing during this disruption include everything from supporting remote workers overnight, to closing offshore operations, dealing with an increase in critical volumes to reducing or increasing onshore resources.

This shift in the workforce landscape comes with new challenges and uncertainties.

  1. Separate workers
    • Work from home
    • Separate staff at work
  2. Reduce resources
    • Unavailability
    • Isolation requirements
  3. Limited offshore capacity
    • Closed or reduced
  4. Increased volumes
    • Superannuation payments
    • Mortgage relief
    • Increased critical tasks

It has never been more critical for leaders to have access to accurate and timely data on operational capacity and workloads.

A plan for success through the future of work

As a strategic partner, Enlighten works alongside our clients to develop a resilient, robust operating rhythm that will not only survive but thrive through the future of work. We dive into your business to understand key elements in setting this framework, establishing elements of:

  1. Site availability (off and onshore)
  2. FTE by site including current work from home
  3. Potential and timing of work from home setup
  4. Technology to transfer activities between sites, functions and individuals (with timeframes)
  5. Expected volume data – increasing in certain activities and reducing in others
  6. Visibility of critical outcomes and ability to prioritise
  7. Visibility of team skills spread and allocation
  8. Capacity and workload management
  9. WIP and cycle times for scenarios
  10. Operational performance transparency – efficiency, quality, hours available, volumes
  11. How to keep employees safe and engaged
  12. Supply chain impacts (up and downstream)

In response to this unexpected disruption on the future of work, for operations and the urgency for working in a different way, starting immediately, Enlighten will be engaging with each client to understand the potential use of The Enlighten Software ® for departments not currently utilising this solution to measure performance in this new landscape. Enlighten is also mobilising rapid response teams to provide urgent set-up support to help our clients through this difficult time.

In this way, clients can establish necessary visibility over time, availability, and work activity across diverse functions irrespective of location.

To explore the options, please reach out directly to our CEO, Brent Churchill on  to continue the conversation.

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