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Retail Factsheet

The online market is becoming an increasingly important sales channel for retailers and brands to reach a broader audience in Australia and tap into international markets. As online marketplaces become the go-to platform, retailers need to fully understand their customer base by unleashing the power of data through these retail factsheet.

State of play

  • Ecommerce in Australia is growing rapidly; Australia is currently the 10th largest ecommerce market in the world by revenue.
  • Australians spent $27.5 billion buying goods online in 2019, an increase of almost 25 per cent year compared to the previous year.
  • 28.8 per cent of consumers completed retail transactions via their smartphones in 2019, a 6 point increase from 2018.
  • Research by Ecommerce Foundation shows that about 65% people of Australia shop online and this trend is going up.
  • Australian online retailers face few bureaucratic hurdles and barriers to entry, boosting Australia’s appeal for foreign investors.

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