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Enlighten’s tool offers a lot more granularity and transparency around performance, which means that my managers can plan and review on a daily-and even hourly-basis, and make adjustments based on real-time data.


General Manager - Policy Operatins, Allianz Australia Insurance Limited

Over the last 25 years, Australia has experienced the longest period of recession-free growth of any developed country. However, new technologies and disruptive players are now threatening to destabilise the banking and finance industry. 

To remain competitive, companies must innovate and ensure internal processes are running smoothly. At Enlighten, we help you unlock a competitive advantage in retail and commercial banking. We partner with you to improve back-office efficiency, enhance customer service and differentiate your business within a single budget year.

Finance Factsheet

While Australia is well-integrated into global markets, it managed to escape the worst of the 2008 global financial crises. Australia’s impressive performance over the past two and half decades has been attributed to successful economic reforms, a strategic location in Asia and strong population growth.

State of play

  • Australia has experienced over 25 years of interrupted growth in financial markets.
  • In the face of sector reforms and disruption, Australia’s major banks are facing massive structural overhauls and job cuts.
  • Automation and FinTech loom as the greatest disruptors to the industry.
  • In the aftermath of high-profile data security breaches and the recent Royal Commission into the sector, there is rising customer mistrust in financial services providers.

Gaining competitive advantage in retail and commercial banking can depend on back-office capability to increase productivity, turn loans around faster and serve customers more efficiently. With increased productivity, you can capture more business, increase your market share, reduce error rates and fulfil employee and customer expectations.

Enlighten’s transformation program has enabled a range of banks, insurers and wealth management organisations to rapidly raise their productivity and efficiency, resulting in dramatic cost reductions in well under a year.

Over the course of 20 weeks, the program will transform your back-office culture. Your teams will be focused on performance and quality, fuelled by the visibility of performance metrics and analytics that activate results.

Latest Success Stories

Case study

P&C insurance call centre

Using our methodology, one of America’s biggest P&C insurers improved active management and training to enhance service levels and productivity. Average Handle Time reduced by up to 25 per cent while service levels increased by between 58-75 per cent.
Case study

P&C specialty insurance back-office

We assisted one of the main players in American insurance grow back office operations capacity to handle increasing workload. Efficiency was improved by 54 per cent, yielding $US 2M cost savings, while maintaining quality and improving culture.
Case study

Leading banking institution

By partnering with management at one of the leading global providers of insurance, Enlighten helped reduce operational costs and improve efficiency and productivity by more than 25 and 50 per cent respectively.
Case study

Leading global provider of insurance

We helped one of the biggest financial institutions in Australia identify direct cost savings of $57 million per year, dramatically increasing their overall productivity efficiency throughout the company.
Case study

Global financial services firm

Enlighten showed a global financial services company how to realise a 30 per cent increase in productivity, while improving both customer satisfaction and staff engagement. Results delivered were well beyond the expectations of management involved.


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